How to Draw a Raccoon Dog

In this quick tutorial you'll learn how to draw a Raccoon Dog in 9 easy steps - great for kids and novice artists.

The images above represent how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved.

Below are the individual steps - you can click on each one for a High Resolution printable PDF version.

At the bottom you can read some interesting facts about the Raccoon Dog.

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How to Draw a Raccoon Dog - Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: The first step to drawing our raccoon is to draw its head. At the top of the circle, you will need to add two triangles to represent its ears and a bump on the bottom for the nose.

Step 2: Next we will want to add our raccoons face. To do this you will draw two circles for eyes and a larger circle for the nose. You will also need to finish the inside of the ears with a straight line followed by an arched one.

Step 3: You will now add the details to the face. You will want to draw tow ovals around the eyes, draw some arcing lines to make the nose stand out and draw a line between the two ears.

Step 4: For this step you will be drawing the front leg. To so this you will draw two angled lines that gets closer together and then connect with a straight line. Add angled lines to create toes.

Step 5: Next draw the other front leg. Use a straighten line that angles in at the bottom and another straight line coming out from the other leg. Draw the foot the same as the other one.

Step 6: The next step is to draw the back leg. To create this, you will need an angled line for the stomach then two straight lines that get closer together at the bottom. Add an oval with some angled lines for the foot and toes.

Step 7: Next you will draw the other back leg which can be done with two angled lines hidden behind the other leg.

Step 8: Then draw the back, by starting a curved line at the top of the hind leg and continuing it to the head.

Step 9: The final part to draw is the tail by drawing a triangle with two straight lines that connect to the back and adding horizontal lines in the middle for stripes. You have now completed your raccoon.

Interesting Facts about the RACCOON DOG

The Raccoon Dog is a member of the canine family and the scientific term for them is Nyctereutes procyonoides. The name is Greek for night (Nyct) wanderer (ereutes) procyonoides (before-dog). All other species of this type are extinct.

Did you know?

  • The animal was first documented in 1834.
  • This creature has intestines that are 2 times larger than similar species.’
  • They have torsos over 2 feet long.
  • These can have tails up to over 1.5 feet long.
  • They have a tail that is less than 1/3 of their total length.
  • This species can weigh up to 22 pounds.
  • They have hair almost 5 inches in length.
  • These have hair that keep them warm in minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit.

They’re from eastern Asia, and share a habitat of climbing trees with the North American Gray Fox, but they’re not closely related to the raccoon.This animal mates with the same partner for the rest of their life. Not as many of this species still exist in the wild, since they’re hunted for their fur and domesticated as pets. There are not many of these creatures, but they’re the least concern for a possibility of extinction.