Zoo Animals

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Interesting Facts about Zoo Animals

Enliven your next trip to the zoo with some fun animal facts to add to your anticipation! You can even put together an information booklet and add animals of your favorite drawings when you see them.

  • Giraffe’s are big all around! Their tongues are 18-inches long and their neck along weighs 550 pounds. Try drawing a to scale giraffe-estimate how many pieces of paper you’ll use ahead of time and see how close you get!
  • Pandas are, well, kind of lazy. They spend twelve hours a day eating bamboo. Maybe you can make a bamboo salad to see why they like it so much!
  • A long time ago when sailors would spot manatees in the water, they would sometimes think that the manatees were mermaids. Kind of hard to imagine when you see them. Try sketching a manatee with a bathing suit to see if makes much of a difference!
  • Penguins might not be able to fly, but some penguins can hold their breath underwater for 20 minutes. Try drawing the perfect penguin and timing yourself. Odds are that an emperor penguin could have been swimming that entire time and still not be out of breath!
  • Monkeys are very dexterous and use their hands, feet, and tails to get around. Draw and cut out your own monkeys. Loop the arms and see how long of a chain you can make!
  • Or maybe you won’t be able to make it to the zoo for a while. No problem! Turn your home into a zoo, and you’ll still manage to have plenty of fun. A child’s bedroom can turn into a monkey house, while the living room might be more suited for a might lion’s domain. Take pictures to remember your “trip”!
  • This way you can guarantee that all your favorite animals will be there. Design your ideal zoo, and you can be certain that you’ll have even more variety than Noah’s Ark!

How to Draw Zoo Animals - Step-by-Step Tutorials