How To Draw A Crab

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In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a crab in just a few quick steps, but first…

Interesting Facts about Crabs

Crabs are part of the large family, arthropods, whose relatives include shrimp, crayfish, lobsters, barnacles and krill.

Fossils of crabs date back to the Jurassic period, with about 850 species living throughout tropical and sub-tropical regions of the earth.

Did you know?

  • Because of the way a crabs legs are designed, they usually walk side-ways.
  • Crabs primarily eat algae, but will eat worms, fungi and bacteria, mollusks and shrimp.
  • Because of their tasty meat, crabs are farmed, caught and eaten worldwide.
  • Crabs communicate by beating or waving their pincers.
  • Being often aggressive to one another, male crabs will fight for access to female crabs and crabs will fight over hiding places.
  • Crabs, despite their aggressive nature, will work together to provide protection and food for their family, or to find a comfortable place to lay eggs.
  • Other animals have crab-like names, such as the horseshoe crab, the hermit crab, the king and porcelain crabs and crab lice, but they are not true crabs.
  • Ancient people of Peru were nature worshippers and often depicted the crab in their artwork.
  • The astrological sign of Cancer represents the crab.
  • In Greek mythology the crab, Karkinos, was involved in a battle against Hercules.

How to Draw a Crab – Step-by-Step Tutorial

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