How to Draw Nidoran Male Pokemon

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How to Draw Nidoran Male - Step-by-Step Tutorial

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Interesting Facts about the Nidoran Male

The male Nidoran looks a lot like its female counterpart, as it too is a small rodent-like Pokemon. However, instead of the female’s blue coloring, the male has dark pinkish-red coloring that is marked with darker spots. And though both sexes of this Pokemon contain a horn, the male’s is often bigger than the female’s. Its ears are large with many spines on them and a teal color on the inside skin of their ear. Similarly, there are large spines along this Nidoran’s back, which secrete the same dangerous venom that the females do. They are a docile but wary Pokemon, and while they prefer not to fight, they will make use of these talents if they feel that they must. The male Nidoran is also quite larger In size than the female.

Did you know?

  • The male Nidoran has highly specialized muscles in its ears that enable it to hear from quite a distance, in any direction. They can twitch and turn their ears toward the direction of a sound.
  • If the male needs to hear noises that are rather far away, it will flap its ears, much like birds will flap their wings.
  • They also choose to live in savannas and planes, where they can easily hide among the taller grass to either prey upon other Pokemon or to hide from predators.
  • Unlike the female Nidoran, the male has a tendency to grow outwardly angry and charge any perceived threat. They will ambush them with their horn, which releases a toxin.
  • Because its horn is significantly larger than that of the female’s, the male Nidoran’s horn attack is severely dangerous.

Additional Facts about the Nidoran (male) : They evolve into Nidorino, and then later Nidoking, when exposed to the same Moon Stone that allows the female to evolve into Nidoqueen. After generation 5 of Pokemon was released, the females were no longer the sole egg-layers, as males could do it as well, giving birth to either male or female baby Nidoran. They can be bred with the Ditto Pokemon. The larger this Pokemon’s horn is, the more powerful its toxin is. Always on the alert, the male Nidoran will always seek the chance to attack first if he has the element of surprise on his enemy or prey.