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Some ideas to continue the fun…

  • Once you learn how to draw animals why not take the time for some family fun and try decorating the home by drawing animals. Or make it into a fun little craft activity and create a whole jungle. A neat idea to bring some order to your kids’ room is to draw animals together then hide them at various places and ask your child to find the hidden creature by playing some “housekeeper” roles and bringing order to their rooms.
  • Stay at home moms and dads would appreciate some quite time while their kids are busy drawing.
  • For the teachers: animal drawing could make it into a creative classroom activity and you could use the fun facts as lesson material teaching about the different species.
  • Make good use of technology by letting your kids use your tablets as drawing boards. There are plenty of drawing and other educational apps available for both Apple and Android devices, and more and more becoming available for Windows systems as well.
  • Those struggling with teens – some more advanced drawing techniques could unlock a hidden artist in them. Bringing a noble cause to it all like endangered species awareness and education could make the whole activity all the more interesting.
  • For those with really small kids – coloring is always an option. Whether it be pencils, oil paints, water colors or any other medium there’s plenty of advice available.
  • Early drawing can make it easier for later education and who knows your kid might even pursue a career in art!

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