How To Draw A Dolphin

Step 1

First draw the snout. It is a crooked "J" or a hook shape.

Step 2

Just above the top of the long line of the hook add a very small dot for the eye. Starting at the short curve of the "J" draw a very large curved line for the back. Think of a big backward "C".

Step 3

Just behind the eye add a short line to make the neck line. At the end of the neck line add a long, thin "V" shaped fin. The fin will angle back towards the back line.

Step 4

From the tip of the fin draw the tail line toward the back line and then curve sharply down. Make the bottom almost touch the back line.

Step 5

Below the neck line add another pointy side fin. On the top of the back add a pointy dorsal fin with two lines curving to the left side. Finish your dolphin with the big triangle-shaped tail at the bottom of the tail line.

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