How To Draw A Jaguar

Step 1

First draw the head, mouth and snout. Draw a bumpy crooked "U" shape. Make the jaw a separate line along the very bottom of the snout.

Step 2

At the end of the snout add a round nose. Just behind the nose add a round eye.

Step 3

Starting at the top line of the snout draw a short triangular ear. Draw the triangular tip of the second ear just on top of the snout line. Draw a straight line back from the snout to make the back of the neck.

Step 4

Continue the neck line to make the back line. It curves slightly up and then back down again at the rump.

Step 5

Draw the front of the neck at a diagonal down from the bottom snout line. Continue down to make the front leg. Make the top wide. Don't forget to make a paw on the bottom. Draw the leg back up almost to the back line with a slight bump about halfway up.

Step 6

Starting from the little bump in the leg line draw the belly line back into the hind leg. The top of the hind leg curves down to the right just above the back paw. Make the back of the leg line slightly bent going back up toward the rump line.

Step 7

Between the rump line and the top of the hind leg line draw two lines to make the long, thick tail. Finally, add another front leg just in front of the first front leg. Add another hind leg just behind the first hind leg. There is no paw, just a line for the back of the leg.

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