How To Draw An Owl

Step 1

Start by drawing the face. It is a very curvy upside down "W" shape. Make the outer lines curve in.

Step 2

Now add the two round eyes on either side of the short middle line. At the bottom of this line draw the small triangular beak. Join the bottom of the two curved lines to make the bottom of the face line. There is an upside down curved "U" shaped line that goes right on top of the upside side "W" shaped face. This curved line makes the head line

Step 3

Starting at the left side of the head line draw a curved line down and across to make the body line. There is a short curved line right beneat the bottom of the face line that makes the neck line. It only goes to the bottom of the face line.

Step 4

The wing starts at the end of the right side of the head line. It curves slightly to the same length as the body line. The bottom part of the wing comes together in a sharp point. It is longer than the body.

Step 5

Add some curved lines between the neck line and the back line to show the feather markings on the wing.

Step 6

Under the wing draw the tail feathers. This is a thick squarish line down from the tail almost back up to the body line.

Step 7

Draw short legs with very sharp claws on the feet. The front foot has four very sharp claws or talons. All you draw for the back foot are two claws.

Step 8

Finish your eagle by drawing two lines for the branch that the eagle is perched on.