How To Draw A Wolf

Step 1

Start by drawing the snout and the mouth. The mouth is a line drawn under the snout. The mouth is much thinner than the snout.

Step 2

Next draw the head and neck. The head starts at the end of the snout and curves back. Add the ears at the top of the head. They point forward. The neck curves slightly in as you draw it back.

Step 3

Draw a long line for the back. The back curves down slightly and then curves back up at the rump. Add a tiny eye behind the snout. Draw in three lines across the neck. This is the fur pattern.

Step 4

Continue the neck line to make the front leg. The front leg is the same width all the way to the paw on the bottom. Draw a curved line from the front leg to make the belly. Where that line ends add the front of the back leg. It is wider at the top than the bottom. The back of the back leg will curve up into the rump. Leave a space between this line and the back line.

Step 5

In the space you left between the back leg line and the back line add the short bushy tail. Finally add the front of the other back leg and the front part of the back foot.

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