How To Draw A Kangaroo

Step 1

First draw the snout. It looks like a sideways cone with the pointy end facing to the right.

Step 2

At the tip of the cone draw a small upward curved line to make the nose. Under the top line of the snout draw the tiny eye. At the back of the snout line draw two pointy ears at the top of the head. Draw a line down from the bottom of the ears to make the back of the neck.

Step 3

Now draw a curved line for the back. It will curve down toward the rump.

Step 4

At the end of the bottom snout line draw the neck line down and curved to the left. Draw the front leg down to the paw and a bent line back up for the back of the arm. It should be thin and about the length of the head.

Step 5

Draw the belly line downward on a diagonal. The powerful hind leg has a round top that starts almost at the back of the rump line and curves down to make a long, thin, flat foot. The back of the leg starts back up straight but then stops and curves down and then back up toward the rump.

Step 6

Between the rump line and the end of the back leg draw two curved lines to make the long, thick tail that reaches the ground. It comes together at a point. Finally add another thin front leg behind the first front leg. Right above the hind foot add the top of another long, thin, flat hind foot.

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