How To Draw A Kangaroo

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a kangaroo in just a few quick steps, but first…

Interesting Facts about Kangaroos

Kangaroos belong to the Macropodidae family of marsupials, in which females carry their babies in a pouch on the front of their body, along with possums, wombats, koalas, opossums and the Tasmanian devil.

Fossil records indicate the first marsupials existed in China about 125 million years ago. Today, kangaroos are found in Australia.

Did you know?

  • Kangaroos have a small head, a long, strong tail, large feet and large, powerful hind legs.
  • Often called roos, kangaroos live in troops or mobs consisting 10 or more roos.
  • Female kangaroos are called flyers, does or jills, while male kangaroos are called jacks, bucks, old men, or boomers.
  • Kangaroos move by hopping and are the only large animal to do so.
  • Kangaroos eat vegetation, and like cows, re-chew their food as cud.
  • When kangaroos fight, they will often balance themselves on their tail and kick the opponent with both feet.

The kangaroo is Australia’s national emblem and has been a vital animal to the Aborigine tribe, providing food, clothing, tools and other items.

The kangaroo has been depicted in architectural decoration, logos, art and as sports team mascots. During WWI, toy kangaroos and kangaroo pets were popular mascots for Australian servicemen.

How to Draw a Kangaroo – Step-by-Step Tutorial

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