How To Draw A Zebra

Step 1

First draw the cone-shaped snout. The bottom line has a little bump halfway along it and is longer than the top line.

Step 2

Continue a short line starting at the end of the top snout line. Add a triangle-shaped ear at the top of the head. Behind the ear draw a curved line for the rest of the head.

Step 3

Continue to add a long curved line for the back. It curves down toward the middle of the back, curves up and then down again at the rump. Draw a shorter line in the front to make the neck.

Step 4

Starting at the bottom of the neck line draw the long thin front leg. Don't forget the hoof at the bottom. There is a tiny indent or bump in at the heel. Draw the line back up. Then draw the belly line, curving it up almost to the end of the back line.

Step 5

From the back of the belly line draw a diagonal line back to start the back leg. Then draw a line straight down to the hoof. Don't forget the small indent on the heel. Draw another line straight up, making a thin back leg. Keep drawing a curved line toward the rump.

Step 6

Add another front leg right behind the first front leg. It should also be straight. Right in front of the hind leg add another hind leg. The top part is on a diagonal and the bottom part is straight down. Finally, add the fluffy mane on the top of the back line and the tail. You can also add the zebra markings on the face.

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