How to Draw a Scottie Dog

Step 1

A Scottie Dog is a fuzzy, friendly small dog that likes to sit on people's laps. Let's start by drawing his fuzzy face hair, by making its outline! First draw two humps, that meet in the middle, on top. Then draw two lines going down from either side of the humps you drew, curving slightly towards each other. Then make a jagged line that goes down from one side, then up to the other, to imply a fuzzy face.

Step 2

In the divot between the two humps you drew, draw a line that goes down and to the right. At its end, make an oval that has two circles inside of it to make the nose. Then draw a jagged curved line beneath that to make the lips, and a small line below that jagged line to make the lower jaw.

Step 3

Now let's draw the ears, eyes, and head. Start with a line that begins just to the left of the shape you've drawn, that goes up, curving slightly to the left. It should then go straight up, and turn at a point, slanting down and to the right to make the first ear. Then make a curved line to draw the top of the head. About midway through that curved line, put in a line another curved line that goes to the right, before coming to a point. After the point, it should curve down. On either side of the top of the head you've drawn, draw two jagged dome-lines to make the big bushy eyebrows. Then put a circle beneath those lines to make the eyes.

Step 4

To draw the chest and right-front leg, make a line that starts just beneath the chin, and goes down, before curving back towards the left for a moment. It should then curve to the right and around to make the foot, coming back up to make the back side of the first leg. At the bottom of the foot, put in a few lines to make toes.

Step 5

At the left side of the right leg, draw a curved line to make the bottom of the chest. Then draw a vertical line that makes the right side of the left leg, and put in a bumpy curve to make the bottom of the foot. Add another line that slants slightly to the left to make the left side of the left leg and you're done!

Step 6

Now draw the back with a curving line that starts just behind the left ear, goes down, then curves back. Make sure the line curves down to make the hump of the dog's rear. Draw a curving line that starts about mid-way down the leg and curves up and to the left to draw the belly.

Step 7

To draw the back leg, make a line that curves down from the back hump, and curves around with a bumpy curve to make the bottom of the foot. Then make a line that curves up and slants just a touch to the right for a moment to make the other side of the leg. Add a few lines at the bottom of the foot, and you've drawn the toes too!

Step 8

Now put in a small tail, by making two lines that start near each other on the rear hump. The lines should curve up and to the right, and come together in a rounded tip.