How to Draw a Snow Leopard

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a snow leopard in just a few quick steps, but first…

Interesting Facts about Snow Leopards

Snow leopards are members of the cat family. Snow leopards have thick gray fur and black spots. They come from rocky mountainous areas of Asia, specifically Tibet, Nepal, Russia, Pakistan, Mongolia, India, and Siberia.

Did you know?

  • Snow leopards weigh between 60 and 120 pounds. Females are smaller in size than males.
  • The snow leopards’ paws are wide and covered in fur, and they help them walk easily through the snow.
  • Snow leopards sometimes prey on animals that are three times their weight.
  • Snow leopards are not related to leopards, but they are closely related to cheetahs.
  • During the winter, snow leopards prefer to live up in the mountains. In the summertime, they like to stay in rocky areas closer to the ground.
  • The lifespan of snow leopards is 15 to 18 years.

Snow leopards are an endangered species. There are only about 6,000 thousand left in the world. Hunting is one of the reasons for their decline in population, even though it is illegal to sell and trade snow leopard fur. There are laws that are meant to stop snow leopards from being hunted. Some snow leopards are protected in national parks, zoos, and animal centers.

How to Draw a Snow Leopard – Step-by-Step Tutorial

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