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Interesting Facts about Sharks

Not all sharks are like the one in Jaws! Set the record straight with some simple research and arts and crafts.

  • From hammerheads to great whites there are lots of different kinds of sharks, 465 species, in fact. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have certain things in common, like their skeletons made entirely of cartilage (no bones!) or multiple rows of teeth or their excellent senses of hearing and smell that help to make them some of the toughest predators out there.
  • Despite their predator status, sharks aren’t necessarily as aggressive to humans as popular culture might have you believe. In fact, you are more likely to be bit by another person than a shark! Still, it seems that some sharks can be pretty indiscriminate about what ends up in their stomachs. Sharks have been found with license plates, cannonballs, and copies of newspapers inside.
  • That might be a funny fact, but the reason behind it isn’t. Sharks like all ocean creatures are susceptible to the environmental impact brought about by humans. Gather up a group of friends to clean up a nearby lake or even just your street. You’ll be surprised at all you find and glad that it didn’t have to ultimately end up as part of a shark’s diet!
  • Sharks need rest just like us. But they don’t do it in the same way. Sharks sleep with their eyes open and many sharks are constantly moving. They rest only part of their brain at a time and need to keep going so they don’t drown. That’s right, even though they live in water, sharks need to get oxygen, which requires that they get the water pumping through their gills to separate the oxygen from the water. Most fish have one gill, but sharks can have up to seven!
  • Think about how different a shark’s day is from our own. Try and plan a stay-at-home day where you never stop moving, whether it’s drawing, some housekeeping, or crafting a new recipe or meal, you’ll be surprised at how much you get done…and how tired you become! Keep track of everything you do, so you can try and beat your record for next time!

How to Draw Sharks - Step-by-Step Tutorials