Asian Animals

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Interesting Facts about Asian Animals

Asia is the largest continent on earth with the biggest population, so it makes sense that there are plenty of interesting animals to draw and learn about that call Asia home! Here are some fun facts and ideas about some of them.

  • Because Asia is so big, pretty much any kind of animal you can imagine lives there. Some animals that are native to Asia include the panda bear, the gibbon, the Komodo dragon, and the Bengal tiger. Even this lengthy list just includes those species, which are endangered like the Asian Elephant, the Wild Yak, and the Snow Leopard.
  • With so many different animals to remember, this is the perfect chance to practice your memory skills! Draw out your favorite Asian animals on flash cards and play a memory matching game. You can even add more animals to make it more challenging as you go.
  • Animals play a large role in many Asian cultures’ mythology. For example, the Chinese zodiac describes different years and qualities through their animal counterparts.
  • You can get a friend or maybe everyone at home (including mom and dad and the teens!) and figure out which animal your birth year is associated with. Sketch out your own zodiac calendar-highlighting your animal the most, of course!
  • Don’t forget about all the other kinds of diversity that exist within Asia outside of just its fascinating wildlife.
  • Try hosting an Asian culture night. Decorate the dining room with animals and art that you might see in Asia before treating yourself to sushi, eggrolls, and more delicious Asian food.
  • Don’t forget about the cool opportunities that technology affords us to learn about different places around the world. You might not be able to travel to Asia, but online encyclopedias and apps take you further than you might think.

How to Draw Asian Animals - Step-by-Step Tutorials